More About The Therapies I Use

When the body is placed under stress (physical, biochemical or mental/emotional), the auric bodies and chakras can become blocked or depleted in energy. If not cleared, these dysfunctions in the energetic system eventually manifest in physical illness.
The practitioner acts as a conduit for universal life force and healing energy. An assessment is done of the aura and chakras to determine where imbalances or blocks are occurring in the energy field. The practitioner then uses an appropriate non-invasive procedure to clear and rebalance the subtle energy channels using intuitive healing skills and therapeutic modalities. The process not only brings relaxation and pain relief, but also allows for deep healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. The client may sense the flow of energies with feeling of warmth, cooling, tingling or relaxation.

This technique is based on eastern medicine and esoteric philosophy. It involves working with the Nadi energy system to clear blocks and repair damage to the subtle energy system that not only provides us with our vitality, but is the communication vehicle between all the subtle energy systems (aura, chakras) and the physical body. Nadi damage is common with physical injuries and after trauma. It can often be the reason for injuries failing to heal.

This technique is based on eastern medicine and esoteric philosophy. It involves working with the Nadi energy system to clear blocks and repair damage to the subtle energy system that not only provides us with our vitality, but is the communication vehicle between all the subtle energy systems (aura, chakras) and the physical body. Nadi damage is common with physical injuries and after trauma. It can often be the reason for injuries failing to heal.

An ancient hands-on-healing technique originating in Japan. The practitioner acts as a channel for universal energy. Utilizing various patterns of energy within the body, the Reiki treatment is able to provide specific energy to the source of the problem or to unblock the vital force in a specific organ.
Reiki rebalances energy flows throughout the body, promoting deep relaxation and healing on a physical, mental, emotion and spiritual level. It helps release blocked energy, maintain balance and prevents disease. It speeds physical healing, minimises pain and boosts energy levels. The treatment can also be done remotely.

I use 2 different streams of Kinesiology: Touch For Health and Kinergetics.

Kinesiology is a holistic approach using the muscular system to monitor physiological response from the brain in relation to various triggers. It can identify and balance physical problems that are causing problems with tissues and organs, as well as mental and emotional stresses that are blocking or sabotaging personal growth and affecting the person’s ability to function effectively in the world (e.g.stress, learning difficulties, relationships). Muscle monitoring is used to identify the area of stress, pain, or imbalance and to determine exactly where the correction is required.

A powerful, painless, non-invasive method of healing that uses muscle biofeedback to identify areas of stress, imbalance or dysfunction in the energy systems of the body and then corrects these with natural healing energy.

Kinergetics helps with:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Muscle injuries & sprains
  • Sports flexibility
  • Jaw problems (TMJ)
  • Allergies & sensitivities
  • Toxicity – mercury, heavy metals, etc
  • Dehydration
  • L earning difficulties
  • Sabotage
  • Goal achievement
  • Candida

Touch For Health:
Light pressure is applied to a muscle to monitor its response and identify where an imbalance lies within your energetic system which is blocking the natural healing process. Personalised non-invasive treatment techniques may include acupressure, meridian, neuro-vascular and neuro-lymphatic point adjustments, nutrition support and other vibrational methods. Touch for Health is beneficial for goal achievement and learning difficulties.

Remedies that are made from infusing the energy (vibrational) pattern of specific flowers, gems, places or events into spring water. Each type of essence has a specific imprint that works within our energy fields to loosen energy blockages and rebalance specific mental or emotional patterns that can be the cause of physical ailments and undesirable conditions in our daily life. Once the stored blocks and negativity are removed, enhanced physical, mental and emotion wellbeing occurs. Vibrational essences are safe and gentle to use, and have no side effects. They are taken by placing a few drops under the tongue or in a glass of water to be sipped at regular intervals. A small amount of brandy is usually used as a preservative to prevent bacterial growth, but other preservatives can be used for those sensitive to alcohol.

There are many different vibrational remedies available, but the ones I most frequently use are Bach Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences, Perelandra Garden & Rose Essences, Living Essences, Shell Essesnces, Gem and colour essences.

Focusing is a simple and powerful process of listening to bodily sensations and feelings in a gentle, accepting way to hear the messages our bodies are trying to give us. Through the process of focusing, new meaning, insights, healing, physical release, change and spiritual growth can occur. This process can be integrated into any therapeutic approach.

SIMPLE, QUICK and extremely POWERFUL techniques to clear stress, anxiety, phobias and much more for good!

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) has already changed the way thousands of people have overcome emotional problems, such as phobias, anxieties, addictions, and other common psychological problems.

Developed over the last 25 years by Dr Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist in the USA. The technique combines principles of Western and Eastern healing methods, using the tapping of energy points in the body to release emotional distress. The process only takes minutes and provides immediate and lasting relief.

What Kind of Problems Can Be Helped with TFT?

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Personal fears
  • Anger and Frustration
  • Addictions
  • Phobias
  • Eating or smoking or drinking problems
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Social or public speaking fears
  • Sexual or intimacy problems
  • Travel anxiety, including fear of flying or driving on the freeways
  • Relationship issues
  • Cravings, sabotage
  • Confidence issues
  • Low moods and mood swings
  • And More…

“One of the best things about TFT is that regardless of the disease or the severity of the condition, there is always something that TFT can do to ease the perturbations, reduce toxin-related reactions, conquer depression and anxiety, eliminate life-long traumas and fears, and generally create a renewed sense of personal internal strength and vitality.

There are many forms of distress and illness, and even in the very worst of conditions, including immanent death – TFT can do a lot to ease the load. In this sense, it is a true complementary treatment…”  Norma Gairdner (ATFT)

EFT was developed by Gary Craig following his training in Thought Field Therapy. One general sequence is used to overcome emotional problems.

ESR can be easily learned to do at home, so they can be applied to any area of your life that is causing you stress. ESR is a therapeutic technique used in kinesiology.

Crystals can be used as a powerful energy balancing tool by themselves or in conjunction with other modalities, such as Reiki. Specific crystals are laid on each chakra or in the aura. The process is relaxing and peaceful.

Meditation is a tool for training the mind and body to develop a state of equilibrium, relaxation and spiritual well-being. Meditation allows a state of calmness that can bring insights into our own awareness. It is an ideal tool to use alone or in conjunction with other modalities and assists people to deal with the stresses in their lives. Meditation has also been proven successful in providing pain relief and impacting positively on other physiological problems, such as blood pressure.

All the therapies I use for people can successfully be used on animals. Animals are very receptive to healing energy. I am able to use muscle monitoring and dowsing techniques to determine the particular treatment required by the animal.

We often walk into places and just don’t feel right or comfortable. Some places can feel really heavy or “sick”. When we walk into a room where people have been arguing or fighting, we often say “you could cut the air with a knife”. If you are living or working in a space with “negative” energy, it can impact you on a number of levels – from feeling physically ill to feeling ‘out of sorts’, feeling tired and lacking in energy, depressed or angry. Negative energy in such spaces can be cleared using a variety of energetic techniques.

I am able to do healing remotely for my clients, but prefer the first session to be face-to-face.

  • Combating Workplace Stress
  • Simple Stress Management Techniques

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121 AD – 180 AD)

We are living in increasingly fast and complex times. Everyone faces stress in our lives today and some handle it better than others. A set of easy tools can make an immediate difference throughout your life.

Programs consist of a package of 3 sessions and explores the particular stress factors for the individual and teaches them how to use simple and quick energy healing techniques that can safely be used at home or at work to combat stress. The package includes an energy balance.

Program Fee $300

Private or Corporate training available that can be customised to your needs.

Please contact Alison for further details, if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Stress Management & Relaxation
  • Techniques for Empowerment
  • Introduction to Meditation classes
  • How to use your energy and body to know what is Best For You
  • How to Dowse & Muscle Test
  • Sensing and Using Energy

$220           Initial session 75 minutes, discussion plus full energetic healing treatment

$180           Standard session 60 minutes, full energetic healing treatment or balance

$90             30 minute distant session for existing clients only

$50             15 minute distance session for existing clients only

Credit cards and cash are accepted in the clinic. Bank transfers available in advance.


24 hours notice must be given for any cancellation or changes to appointments otherwise a $90 fee will apply.

If you do not come to the appointment and you have not notified me 4 hours in advance, you will be charged the full fee as I cannot give the appointment to anyone else at such a late stage.